Friday, 1 April 2011

Video games selling more then DVD into the 21st Century. Is it April Fool Days!

Isn't it amazing how video games have sold more DVD's! Great news for Gamers and finally real facts to prove it too.  Bare in mind that most people would read this and say that "Somebodies getting paid big bucks here too", true madness.  
Analysts from Media Control GfK have said that, " Video games sales outstripped sales in DVD's in 2008" quoted by The Telegraph.  Figures show that Sales of video games were up 20% last year to 22 billions British pounds, but sales of DVDs and Blu-ray movies dropped 6% to 20 billion British pounds.  Read more 

Honestly in my opinion, I hope that some of the money goes to the government research to help Global warming and maybe to help fix some of the debt in this world. Recently in 11th March 2010, Japan had a earthquake and tsunami.  Immediately I thought, video gaming companies  around the world should help Japan.  Think about it a minute...  
Street Fighter is from Japan...  and been around since August 1987.  Truly and an amazing game with hours of fun.
Street Fighter

Trust me you will see a long list of video games that have a massive influence from Japan.  Wouldn't it be fantastic idea for England to put label's mentioning, "5p will go to Japanese Red Cross" in front of Japanese games?  I how this might sound insane but its been proven that video games are a hot item to buy. Even with Call of Duty Black Ops, a winner of 2011 BAFTA and the sales were rocking everywhere around the world.   
Would you like to see you kids train like this? Be honest!

VIdeo gaming guns

Or take a look and see what they see...
Black Ops 2010

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Electric Rock Guitar T-Shirt that plays like a real guitar

Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt

You may now purchase this fantastic futurist wireless guitar T-Shirt from many Online retailers.  Plus you can wash it, and it smells great every time you wear it too. It was a great news for me due to my sweat glands having a mind of it's own.  It is a real musical instrument that you can play real songs and your most favourite bands.  All sounds have been  rerecord from a real electric guitar.  It also includes a mini amp and magnetic pick included in the price.  

Mini amp

When you buy Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt you will get:
  • Two magnetic picks
  • Mini amp speakers on belt
  • play all major chords
  • Volume goes up to 11
Lets take a look and see for ourselves...

Think Geek

I can't state if I'm happy or distraught to see that we are now using musical virtual instruments for video gaming. Well, Rock BandGuitar Hero and Singstar have made a great impact to the video gaming industry and have sold millions of products all around the world.  My concerns are, will my children's children's get to feel a real musical instrument in the future.

3 month year old baby starve to death because parents Virtual child gaming habits!

Seoul South Korea Internet Cafe

Take a look at the below and be honest, would you choose this over your child?

Prius Avatar

Shocking Prius online gamer all around South Korea to have been told that a fellow gamer took it to the next level and forgot about their child at home.  The husband taxi driver Kim Yoo-chul 41, and his wife Choi Mi-sun 25 were convicted of abanding their daughter to starve at home.  It was alleged that the mother would feed the baby rotten milk and beat the child to keep it quite.  The parents would leave their baby at home for a 12 hour session at the internet cafe to raise their virtual child Anima.  When the parent got home in September 2010 to find the baby dead and called the police.  With tests and autopsy done it was concluded that the baby  died due to  prolonged malnutrition. Choi Mi-sun escape jail sentence because of her pregnancy.  
You may read more on 

Not a healthy lifestye

It's a very sad story and please everyone if you have friend or you know someone that not looking after their child or children due to video gaming, report them to the authority. 

Prius Online

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Video Gaming can improve focus for some ADHD sufferer

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, AD/HD and ADD) people in England will find it hard on a day to day basis to focus or even think.  The signs of this disorder could be diagnosed from as young as seven years of age and more common with boys than girls.  Girls and women tend to hide it better then boys because the way the brain develops.  But some would argue that teachers didn't have the correct knowledge about ADHD or bias referrals from school broads.  The studies and research of ADHD started in the 1970 but wasn't taken seriously by parents or loved ones.

Three types of ADHD
1) PREDOMINANTLY INATTENTIVE TYPE: Dreamy, non listening, easily distracted, inattentive, subtle learning problems.
2) PREDOMINANTLY HYPERACTIVE IMPULSIVE TYPE: Fidgety, restless, impulsive and impatient. 
3) COMBINED TYPE, inattentive plus have special needs, as it affects their ability to learn. 

Living with ADHD

 Instead of taking Methylphenidate medication common called Ritalin prescribe by the Doctors to improve concentration why not game instead?  Treating ADHD promptly and appropriately with or without Ritalin depends on the needs of the individual.  Its not for everyone and if you do get side effects, contact your Doctor as soon as possible.  

How does this relate to kids with ADHD?
Video games are extremely stimulating, increases concentration and focus.

The negative of ADHD gamers?
Connecting to people online is more simple for ADHD gamers but going out isn't. 


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gaming using human tongues for controllers

Kissing Video Game

Isn't everything now touchscreens.  Tv's, computers, mobile phones and etc.   Move over touchscreens because artist Hye Yeon Nam Kissing video game has created a video game input hardware that uses intimate moments between players to control a game. The Kiss Controller enables users to control a bowling game by moving their Tongues...

Of course it better for your eyes to see how this video game really works.  The Bowling Game denominates how two people french kissing and score a perfect strike. After the Nintendo Wii was released in 2006 with the wireless gaming, it has taken the world by storm with a insight into the future.  Ever since then Sony and Microsoft have followed the trend with the Motion Sensor and Kinect.  But with the Kiss Controller it connect two players to passionately kiss using human tongue's to communicate and play the game. The headset will include a Magnetic field Sensors around the head area and place at the side front of the mouth.  


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Why pay to use Video gaming?

Is it just me or something but why do we need to pay XBOX LIVE to game online?  Don't we have enough bills as it is!  It's not cheap in the ENGLAND and £10 for 3 months or £40 for 12 months XBOX LIVE.  Also bare in mind, Playstation3 customers don't have to pay to go online and enjoy the use of BluRay technology.  Below are some of the most recent consoles that have how become a house hold name.  With the price of the internet increasing, how will the gaming manufactures survive and over comes its economic crisis?  

For example the next time when you log on to your gaming console, have a look and see where else in the world you can have a conversation, and find out how other countries pay for their internet usage.    

Can you imagine kids online with adults nowadays...

Is this our children's future?